About Red Kite
On 31st March 2014:

We owned 6005 tenanted and 627 leasehold homes (homes used to be owned and managed by Wycombe District Council until December 2011 – they are now owned and managed by Red Kite Community Housing)

We had these types of homes available:

No. of Bedrooms No. of Homes
Bedsits 262
1 Bedroom 2165
2 Bedrooms 1417
3 Bedrooms 2107
4 Bedrooms 48
5 Bedrooms 4
7 Bedrooms 1
9 Bedrooms 1
We had 34 sheltered housing schemes across the district, providing homes for tenants aged 55+

There were 15 places on our Board – 6 for tenants and 1 for a leaseholder

We had 130 members of staff (21 of these were fixed term contracts and 11 were agency workers)

Our focus over the last year has been on delivering the promises made to our tenants and leaseholders (in the transfer offer document) before the homes were transferred to Red Kite

As a community organisation, we are truly tenant-led, which means that our tenants and leaseholders inspire and influence the design, delivery and outcome of everything we do, in lots of different ways

Between 1st April 2013 and 31st March 2014:

We received our first regulatory judgement (a review by our regulator about how we operate) with a good rating overall – a great achievement for a young organisation like ours

Our Core Procurement Group, made up of tenants and leaseholders, were nominated for a national award for the work they did to choose our new contractors for the next three to five years, who will help to deliver improved services

529 of our tenants and leaseholders chose to become Red Kite members so that they have the right to vote on key decisions and the make-up of our Board

Investing in better technology eg tablets and gadgets which will:
  • Give our teams direct access to information and support when they are out and about in our communities. Technology like this helps us to reduce costs and respond to your needs in a better way
  • Make it easier for you to use technology through community hubs and access training that will help you manage your tenancy or build life skills
Designing a Red Kite app to make it easier for you to access our services through your mobile phone, computer or tablet

Continuing to deliver the promises we made when we became Red Kite

Our Board is responsible for having a clear picture of the way we spend our money and use resources, making sure that they deliver the best quality which offers great value for money

Performance monitoring reports are provided to the Board and to your Tenant and Leaseholder Committee each quarter so they can keep track of this

We have a Value for Money Strategy and Action Plan that helps us share best practice with our teams so that everyone has a focus on getting the most out of the money we spend. We even have a dedicated group that helps keep an eye on the strategy and any challenges that staff face with delivering value for money.

Jennie Ferrigno, Chairman

"As a tenant, and Chairman of your Board, I can tell you that the past year has been a whirlwind! Breaking away from the ownership of Wycombe District Council (WDC) has been a challenge in itself but we have managed, we believe, with some great success stories. As a Board, we have also made some very difficult decisions which have had an impact on some of you, but the outcome for social housing in the future will be positive as a result. Our responsibility as a landlord is to make sure that our business remains viable and fits the needs in today’s environment. We will continue to try and deliver a service that is different and with your views taken into account, wherever possible. Although no longer a part of WDC, we are still governed by changes that are made by Government and sometimes this means that we have to respond to changes that we do not create, but rest assured we will do everything we can to ensure that you are part of our decision-making process because we are truly tenant-led.

I have gained so much knowledge this year and met some wonderful people. As an involved tenant it has been a privilege, and a challenge, but probably one of the most humbling and exciting periods of my life. I love every minute of it and look forward to welcoming any other tenants who feel they would like to give it a try."   Click to return