Antisocial Behaviour
Between 1st April 2013 and 31st March 2014:

The top three causes of anti-social behaviour were
  • Noise
  • Harassment
  • Drugs
Injunctions have proved to be an effective way of tackling antisocial behaviour, since the consequences of breaching the injunctions are very serious. During the year, we were able to ban certain visitors to our homes who displayed drunken, abusive or threatening behaviour

In August 2013, one of our tenants was sentenced to four months imprisonment after breaching his injunction
We spent more than £30,000 dealing with antisocial behaviour (ASB), mostly on court fees

Antisocial behaviour can be reported 24 hours a day through our website

We have a dedicated team who manage antisocial behaviour and are available to support you and your communities to work through solutions for behaviour that affects you

We have a zero-tolerance policy for antisocial behaviour, and work with affected tenants to improve situations as much as we can

We introduced a Tenancy Awareness Course to give tenants who commit antisocial behaviour (or other breaches of tenancy eg rent arrears) a reminder of their responsibilities and a final chance to do better before we take court action

11 antisocial behaviour cases were referred to mediation, in an attempt to improve relationships between neighbours and people who come into regular contact with each other. Working in partnership with Bucks Mediation, we offered tenants a ‘Drop-in Centre’ at the Buckinghamshire Mediation office so they could speak to someone neutral for independent advice. Most of these cases have successfully been resolved

We appointed an organisation called Flashpark to tackle inappropriate parking in some of our communities, which saw four tickets issued throughout the year.

Investing in more surveillance technology to record cases and help with stamping out antisocial behaviour

Working more closely with our partner agencies (Wycombe District Council, and Thames Valley Police) and other local organisations to tackle ASB and help affected families

Developing the Tenancy Awareness Course

Improving the feedback process so that we can learn from ASB cases and how we can manage similar cases.

An investment into new surveillance equipment, such as CCTV and noise recording equipment, has helped us to better investigate incidents of ASB. By identifying the problems more quickly, our team can spend more time investigating and putting a solution together by using the evidence captured on the equipment.

James Stafford (Neighbourhood interest Group)

"I first got involved with Red Kite because I really didn’t think they would be able to fulfil all the promises they made to us when our homes were transferred from Wycombe District Council. I came along to an open day so I could make sure my voice was heard and also keep an eye on what was happening on the ground, and then joined the Neighbourhood Interest Group. How my view has changed over the last couple of years!

As a member of the group and also a co-optee on the Board for several months, I have been part of a team that is influential in shaping Red Kite and making key decisions. Not only do we have an opportunity to input into how things are done and what improvements are made to our communities, but we have also been involved in decisions about how we manage anti-social behaviour and are kept informed about what’s going on. I have a built up a great relationship with the staff and know that they are dedicated to providing us with excellent services. Where things don’t always go as planned, they do their upmost to put things right and learn from mistakes. It’s been a truly fulfilling experience and I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in Red Kite and our communities."

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