Between 1st April 2013 and 31st March 2014:

82% of repairs were right first time, so we were able to complete them during the initial visit

In May 2014, we announced that from 1st August 2014, Ian Williams would no longer be responsible for repairs and maintenance. This change was made after listening to your feedback and considering the ongoing issues with their performance

We are now working with involved tenants to select a long-term partner to deliver your repairs service in the future, which we will announce after we go through the process to appoint them – until then, Kier Services Ltd will carry out all repairs.
Repairs can be reported in the following ways:

We achieved 100% gas servicing

We introduced an online repairs tool that lets you use pictures and diagrams to tell us exactly what the problem is in your homes. Our team also use the same system, so we can diagnose repairs much more quickly and easily

We introduced the assisted decoration scheme for older and more vulnerable tenants to enable them to have a maximum of two rooms decorated every five years at a low cost

We appointed three people from a Red Kite household to become apprentices with our contractors

Repairs and maintenance is the busiest area of our business and one of the most important ones for you that we need to get right. We will:
  • Work with our Core Procurement Group to select a long-term repairs contractor who can give you the best service and improve in those areas that you said weren’t being done to the standard you wanted them
  • Continue to work with our contractors to add value to our local economy by appointing apprentices and encouraging new skills and expertise in the sector
  • Set up a new team of tenants and leaseholders to monitor the work of our contractors
  • Set up a new ‘Rapid Response’ team to carry out certain types of repairs or work which would usually be your responsibility at low cost.

The online repairs tool will help our team to diagnose your repair more quickly, meaning that we can deal with it more efficiently, saving time and money

We will carry out more inspections after your repairs have been done, to make sure that you are getting a good quality repairs service

Involved tenants have carried out a range of phone satisfaction surveys to test whether or not our contractors are providing the excellent services we have promised, helping us to check if you are getting value for money.

Norman Gilman (Repairs and Maintenance Interest Group)

"I have been a member of our Repairs and Maintenance Interest Group for a number of years and have surprised myself at how much I have learnt about all the work that goes on behind the scenes to deliver the service. We are kept informed about what is going on and have a real chance to input into decisions about how our repairs service is delivered and the standards that we work to. We have built up great relationships with Red Kite staff and have developed a true partnership, where we can give our view from the ground and share it with staff who have their own professional view.

I have had a particular interest in the Wimpey No Fines project and also been involved in visiting Stoke City Council (who also work with Kier) to see how they manage their repairs calls and how we can learn from them to make improvements here at Red Kite. "

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