Rent & Arrears
Between 1st April 2013 and 31st March 2014:

Most of our income came from the rent and service charges that you pay – we use this money to channel it straight back into services for you, your home and your community

Staff in our new Relationship Team make sure that rent is paid on time and do what they can to help those who have difficulty paying, get back on track

Each month, between 2% and 3% of rent is uncollected. This means that we are still devoting significant resources to tackle rent arrears, which affect the amount of money we have to improve our services.

Our Home Budgeting Officer has been working closely with tenants affected by the welfare reform - including the bedroom tax and benefit cap - helping them to manage their money and make the most of their income

We have worked closely with a company called Open Doors to offer support for tenants on how they can make the most of their income, use their skills to improve their CV’s and get the most from benefit applications

We are working to keep our rent arrears levels low so that we can run effectively as a business and invest in areas that you need us to.

Tenancy Awareness Courses will be held for tenants who have breached the terms of their tenancy, either through rent arrears or through other types of breach such as antisocial behaviour (ASB). The courses will give us the opportunity to remind tenants of their rights and responsibilities, as well as offering them advice and support

Launching a new online portal that lets you check your rent statement whenever you want, keep up with rent payments online, and get information about other elements of your tenancy.

A large part of the rent that you pay goes straight into the improvement programme to bring your homes up to the Red Kite standard and keep to the promises we made to you at transfer

Our team of Relationship Advisors is focussed on reducing rent arrears and supporting tenants in sustaining their tenancies.

Marta Tarapata (Neighbourhood Interest Group)

"My involvement as a tenant has been such a great experience for me. I got to know the team at Red Kite, how things are being taken care of and what our rent money is used for. As a tenant, hopefully I have brought a few fresh ideas, from our point of view. Our achievement has been great so far...and if we carry on with the good work, it will be even greater in the future."

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