Your Involvement
Over the last year, lots of you have been involved in different ways. With a tenant chair of our Board we have ensured that we were a tenant-led organisation starting at the top making strategic decisions about our business.

Our Interest Groups have been monitoring our services on the ground and have an input into new developments, our Champions have been out and about monitoring the cleaning on their estates, our editorial panel has been instrumental in putting together your Red Kite newsletter three times a year, and our Core Procurement Group has appointed a number of contractors to carry out work for us and also challenged contractors who haven’t been performing as promised, to list just a few of the ways you have helped to shape Red Kite
If you would like to get involved as a volunteer at Red Kite, please contact us at:

or call 01494 476221

Over the course of the year, 131 decisions and changes were made because of your involvement, which included:
  • New footpaths and lighting
  • Agreeing rent, service charge and other charge increases
  • Choosing the PVCU window manufacturer
  • Agreeing our ‘new look’ tenants and leaseholders handbook
  • Agreeing the lettable standard
  • Changing parts of our website to make it easier to use
  • Deciding on the format of the 2014 Annual Get -Together

Looking at how we can make volunteering even easier, more flexible and more effective, so that you can really make a difference without the need to come to formal meetings.

As well as looking for volunteers who are prepared to give the commitment needed to sit on our Board, we will be looking for volunteers for a whole range of other activities such as helping us to carry out surveys, running social activities at our sheltered schemes or Movers and Shakers classes, writing your tenants newsletter and much more.

By giving you what you want and not what we think you need, we can make sure that we are spending money in the right places. That’s why getting more of you involved in what we do at every level of the organisation and really involving you in decisions about what we are doing, is really important.

Susan Duncan (Neighbourhood Interest group)

"If you want a say in the way Red Kite operates, what better way than to volunteer - it is totally painless and costs nothing but comes with many opportunities. As a member you can have a say in the way services are provided in your communities. We all know what it feels like to moan about something once it’s already happened, but by getting involved, you have a genuine chance to shape things and make sure your views are heard. If you take a pride in your area, enjoy living in your home and have ideas for what could be done even better, then as I have found out from my own personal experience, it really is worth getting involved with Red Kite. It is a brilliant feeling to be part of an organisation that, in my opinion, does exactly what they have promised, and more. "

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